Friday, February 13, 2009

What is Kay Hagan REALLY saying these days?

Next week I will be introducing Sen Richard Burr as our speaker at our monthly meeting. He will be in town for another event in the evening and evidently they seek out other Republican events in the area to kill 2 or more birds with one stone. Nervous as I am about having the responsibility of hosting a US senator, I needed some input on how to properly introduce one. I called the senator's office in DC and a young man with a calm soothing voice answered the phone...a live person. Explaining the purpose of my call, saying "Senater Burr will be speaking at our club next Thursday and I am the president, I need to introduce him and wanted some ridiculous as that sounds in light of what's going on up there these days." This gentleman was very sweet, chuckled, then just reminded me to refer to the senator as Senator "and if I make a mistake, the senator will probably just make a joke of it" He told me to use the bio on the website and "don't be nervous, it'll be fine." I thanked him and told him to have a good day and he returned my wish and that was that. Very nice!

It occurred to me last night that at the county GOP meeting on Wednesday, one of the members complained that she tried to call Sen. Kay Hagan's office and was greeted by a answer machine message telling her to call back at another time, no matter what time it was. Evidently, this woman has been trying to call the senator several times. Wonder why that is?

Now, Senator Hagan says on her website that she is working with Sen. Collins to reduce the porkulous bill by $100 billion. Still that was February 10th and there was no information on her website as to what she is reading and voting on.

On Senator Collins' website, she states that she and not Kay Hagan, but Senator Ben Nelson are working on a compromise that would bring the "recovery" bill down to about $110 Billion. Below is information on her website:

Highlights of the Nelson-Collins agreement include:
• $42 billion in transportation infrastructure investments

$77 billion in education invest. including aid to states, sp. ed. and Title I funding
$6.4 billion for environmental infrastructure incl. water and sewer infrastructure

$87 billion in temporary and targeted Medicaid relief to states

$70 billion for a one year fix for the Alternative Minimum Tax

$2.9 billion for weatherization programs

$500 million for firefighters assistance programs

Sen. Hagan's website is very vague and doesn't give us any information like Sen. Collin's does.

Do you think that may be one reason why we can't leave a message at Sen. Hagan's office?

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