Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Narcissist in Chief

Found this on Facebook today.....Alarming, but very true.

By Joy Tiz Friday, June 19, 2009
Telegraph reporter Stephanie Gutmann describes her reaction to Barack Obama’s appearance in Berlin: “After it was over I picked up the phone and called a friend back home. ‘It’s worse than we thought,’ I told him. ‘The guy’s actually crazy.’”

Guttman was talking about candidate Obama’s agenda as he presented it that day, in which he promised to take on the terrorists in Afghanistan, take on the drug dealers, rebuild Afghanistan, eliminate the building nuclear threat, secure all loose nukes, decrease arsenals from another era, form a new global partnership that will end terror networks, redistribute wealth, save the planet, withdraw all troops from Iraq, keep the oceans from rising, end famine, and reduce carbon output. Most politicians would have quit after two or three such ambitious proposals.

Incredibly, there are Obamanutz among us who honestly don’t realize that Barack Obama is a narcissist of the worst kind. Most people erroneously presume that narcissism is something akin to egomania or an unusually high sense of self-esteem. The truth is the reverse. Narcissists suffer from self-loathing, not too much self-love.

It takes a bit of narcissism to wake up in the morning and think, “Hey, I really ought to be leader of the free world.” Coming to such a conclusion in the fourth grade is, to say the least, ambitious. Having some narcissistic traits does not a narcissist make. However, according to the Encyclopedia of Mental Disorders, grandiosity is the most important single trait innarcissism.
Obama’s grandiosity is striking. It’s in his body language and posturing. It’s in his derisive comments about “bitter clingers.” In office, Obama has demonstrated early on his sense of entitlement and his belief that he is above the law.

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders(DSM IV-TR) is the diagnostic manual used by mental healthprofessionals. A diagnosis of narcissism requires five out of nine characteristics. Note these traits must endure over time and must not be reactions to a particular situation or environmental stressor:
  • Grandiose sense of self-importance.
  • Preoccupation with fantasies of unlimited success, power, beauty, or ideal love.
  • Sense of specialness, belief he can only be understood by or should associate only with other special or high-status individuals or institutions.
  • Need for excessive admiration.
  • Heightened sense of entitlement, leading to unreasonable expectations that others should treat him especially favorably or comply automatically with his expectations.
  • Tendency to be interpersonally exploitive. A person with NPD does not hesitate in taking advantage of others to meet his own ends.
  • Lack of empathy, an inability or unwillingness to recognize or identify with the feelings or needs of others.
  • An envy of other people, or conversely, a belief that other people envy him.
  • A tendency toward arrogant behavior or attitude.
  • In his essay on Obama’s narcissism, Sam Vaknin references Obama’s haughty body language and condescending attitude. Vaknin also points out Obama’s “emotion free language.”
At the same time Bill Ayers was hijacking our schoolchildren, the popular culture was decomposing. With the advent of the Great Society and the disintegration of the nuclear family, the decline of our pop culture parallels the disintegration of our educational system. Radicals grabbed control over both. The entertainment industry has made pernicious narcissism seem unexceptional.

The narcissist in chief’s cavernous lack of empathy becomes more obvious as his presidency rolls on. It could hardly be called empathic behavior when Obama decided to drop all charges against Cole bomber Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri before Obama’s scheduled meeting with the families of the Cole victims.

Barack Obama lied to us throughout the campaign and continues to do so as the president. How did over half of the country not notice? The simple answer is that we are just not very good at recognizing when someone is lying to us. Our deception detection skills are inadequate.
Barack Obama is acting out his pathology at our expense. His appalling treatment of British Prime Minister Gordon Brown could be written off as another example of this administration’s incompetence. But it also looks as if Obama also has his own ax to grind with the Brits and lacks the emotional maturity to deal with it like a grown-up.

When children experience overwhelming trauma, they protect themselves as best they can with a variety of defense mechanisms. There is no question that life for little Barry Soetoro was traumatic, full of chaos and abandonment, as well as genuine fear. The adults in his life betrayed him and taught him hate and mistrust. Otto Kernberg, in his research on narcissism, states that it evolves as a defense against a cold and unsympathetic parent. The child withdraws part of himself from the unavailable parent and turns it back toward himself, creating a grandiose sense of self. Healthy emotional development was just not possible in young Barry’s environment.

The truth about No Drama Obama is that his early life was perpetual drama, which had to have done plenty of damage. What is most disturbing is his failure to deal with it. People do recover from early trauma and abuse, but only if they acknowledge it and allow themselves to experience the feelings that they had to block when they were too little to manage them. Eventually, the experiences have to be integrated into the adult personality; and not infrequently, abuse survivors benefit from professional support.

The current leader of the free world is not in touch with reality. The toady press gleefully accepts his fabrications and denials. And mental health professionals have shown a remarkable lack of curiosity about the mental health of the President of the United States.

It’s not in the nation’s best interest to put a narcissist in the White House. Bill Clinton’s debauchery demonstrated his willingness to put his need for narcissistic supply ahead of the well-being of the country he was hired to serve. Clinton’s narcissism was manifestly less toxic than Barack Obama’s.

For all of the narcissist’s grandiosity, he is driven by a relentless need to pursue and maintain a source of narcissistic supply. A narcissist is at his most menacing when he perceives a threat to his perpetual supply of admiration and affirmation. No drama Obama is already showing the truculence typical of narcissists when they sense a threat to supply. The same president who remains steadfast in his willingness to meet with Iran’s barbarian in chief, Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, is bleating about imagined desecration by Fox News. That would be the same network which liberal hack, Terry McAuliffe, applauded for its fair and balanced reporting during the 2008 primaries.

The narcissist in chief has been needling private citizens on talk radio and Fox News for insufficient veneration. The leader of the free world is impelled to use his standing to rebuke talk radio hosts while Iran is on fire, his economic policies are having catastrophic repercussions, and lunatics in North Korea are planning to launch a missile at Hawaii.

For the narcissist, nothing matters more than maintaining his supply. From Obama’s perspective, being chided by a cable news commentator really is a more pressing exigency than the possibility of Iran amassing nuclear weapons.

It’s no coincidence that many, if not most domestic abusers are narcissists. Domestic violence experts concur that the most perilous time for the victim is when she endeavors to flee from her abuser. The victim’s abandonment is felt as an inexorable threat to his narcissistic supply and will evoke panic and rage.

As Obama’s poll numbers drop and continue to slide as his ruinous failures accumulate, expect his acting out to escalate. This is not the psychological profile of a guy we want as commander in chief.

Excerpted from: Obamanutz: A Cult Leader Takes the White House. Available 8/11/09, pre- order 7/24/09.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

State GOP Chairman

The Climb

In the political scene, it seems that Odrama has indeed brought the Chicago corruption machine with him along with the mentality of unjust leadership. There has been nothing that he has done that makes me thing our country is in good and fair hands.

Our country is more corrupt than every before. We have mountains to climb, obstacles to move, values to protect, and freedoms to preserve.

The Republican party has the right mindset, values, and we need to make sure that all Republicans get out and vote for the things.

People to watch and listen to:

Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and his brother, David, Neil Boortz, just to name a few.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

State Convention for the NC GOP

This weekend the North Carolina GOP convention was held. My knight and I registered for the Saturday events only, with our daughters not interested in attending such an event and the expense of even just the two of us attending for one day. Anyway, we went with another couple that we are getting to know and enjoyed their company. Anyway, we learned lots of important information during the day.

One is the message for this summer is Virginia and New Jersey. Both states are looking at special elections for governors. The Obama administration focusing on them big time in their deadly "community organizing" techniques. So the Republican party really needs to get the conservative voters out and vote for the Republican candidates there.

Another thing is how to use FaceBook and other online resources to benefit the Republican Women of Pitt county of which I am the president. I need to get the word out to as many Pitt county Republican women (and men) as possible about this club and work on getting more younger and more technically functional members.

Our new State Chair is Mr. Tom Fetzer and his Vice Chair is Dr. Timothy F. Johnson, of which both are highly spirited Republicans. I truly wish them all the strength, wisdom, and good direction they can have. We have a lot of work to do.