Monday, September 27, 2010

Political gardens need good county chairs to nurture the crop

A garden of onions, like any garden needs constant tending to get the best the crop an be.  Onions are the flavoring of so many foods, and alone they are amazing!  What main course recipe doesn't have onions as a required ingredient?  Very few, indeed.  Onions are so important to our world to make things taste good, adding a dimension that none other can do, that we need to make sure their gardens are well kept.  So, too, is the political garden.  Without candidates filling governing positions, voters to put these candidates to work, the committees, legislators, senators, governors, representatives and alas, the President would not be where they are.

The political make up is like an onion garden with several layers, overseeing and getting the communication out to the people of our great nation.

The first layer is the national party chair.  This person needs to be the leader of the party in all things pertaining to the nations political arena.  The job is vital in the platform and commitment of the party.

The second layer is the state chair.  This person answers to the national chair and carries out and extends the leadership of the national chair.  The state chair also oversees each county and keeps the communication between the national and state issues, etc.

The next layer is the district chair.  Each state is divided into districts, which includes several counties. The district chair is the communicator between the state and counties.

The county chair is the communicator between the state, district, and the citizens of the county.  This person is key in a more definitive way in that each citizen should know their county chair.  The county chair should, therefore be a person who is out there communicating with the citizens and forming the final layer, which is the precinct chairs.  Each county is divided into precincts.  These precincts are the key to getting out the voters, the information about candidates, local issues and legislation, and educating them in all the elements of government.

So, of all the above layers, the county chair is the epitome of the political machine.  This is a grassroots position!! The county chair should be the person of influence and inspiration to all local citizens.  The county chair must be both energetic, neutral, and charitable to all the people in the county.  A coach, a mentor, an educator, and a good friend to the local citizens.  The county chair is the key to all things political to a county, state, and in turn the nation!

Do you know your county chair?  If you are a registered voter, they should know you or else they are not doing their job!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Do you have a sign in your yard?

Have you made any calls?  Are you reading the newspaper, websites, or conversing with friends about the political issues of the day?

Are you Apolitical?  Sick and tired of the same old same old cr*p that seems to rue the day?

Yes, I know it's troubling just to think about all the issues that are plaque our world, but if you don't get engaged, how will it change with the same old, same old people running the show?

Get involved, stay focused, don't get too overboard, pace yourself, but get involved.  Attend a TEAparty event near you, go to a party meeting, ask questions.

Learn and take control of your part of the world.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Just some rare political thoughts:

Lately, I have become rather turned off.....COMPLETELY with all the political crap that is surrounding our world.  But, after listening to the jerk president yesterday, I just have to say something!!!

First and foremost, doesn't everybody get this guy by now???  

1.   He is only the president of those who SUPPORT him and his twisted agenda

2.  He is an idealist with very TWISTED ideals that are short-sighted, unless he has others calculatedly positioned to come up behind him, ie. the health care, taxes, homosexual agenda, etc.

3.  Why he continues to campaign is anyone's guess.   This guy just doesn't know how to lead, much less count!!

4.  Dissing the opposition instead of working with them is his mantra.  This is way too bad, since he could be doing so much more positive things if he would work WITH people instead of against them.

5.  Asking now for $5 billion MORE to fix jobs and infrastructure??  So where is THIS money coming from????

6.  Campaigning for the above mentioned at a rally filled with UNION members???  Oh gosh, of course they are applauding, they are of the "gimme" side of our country.

7.  All these liberal appointees and "czars"....this is another completely obvious move on his twisted part to 'change' our thinking.....

How much more of this guy is this country going to take??  The media is even waking up.

Get this man out of office quickly, unarm him in November, and impeach him in December.