Thursday, October 13, 2016

Enough is Enough!! I'm DONE with the media and you should be too!

I'm going to stop watching the poison that is the news We know who the "players" are in this election, there is no more information that could be any more damaging to either candidate. The media bias is nauseating and childish and boring at the same time. I am mostly tired of the drama and sway the media and political camps are imposing to the citizens, playing on their gullibility and lazy ignorance
I'm sick and tired of being "played" and watching the nation dividing at such nonsense with little care at what our children and the rest of the world are witnessing. It's garbage, disrespect, a crime, irresponsible, immature, manipulating, deceitful, evil, destructive, debilitating, sinful, unrelenting, spoiled, and incomprehensible what we the people have allowed our country to sink into and I am not going to watch this media poison any longer 

Enough is enough.
Corruption IS the norm now.....lying, cheating the public, telling half-truths, not being completely open and upfront, the little white lie.......however you describe it, it is not the truth.

Frankly, I'm frightened, frightened that I can't count on the President, and those working with and for him to tell the truth.  There is an agenda in play that has literally nothing to do with the constitution, which our country was founded on. Literally nothing to do with keeping our country safe and free
for all it citizens, literally nothing to do with the freedoms of worship, speech, and the pursuit of happiness, literally nothing at all to do with common sense basically.

 Oh, and if you didn't think our racial relations were worsened since the past 8 years of a president and first lady that claim and proclaim that they are embarrassed and ashamed of being Americans you have been living in an ever loving cave!