Thursday, January 29, 2009

The division of Church and state

Somehow I have managed to get so steeped in the political arena that I feel that my faith isn't getting enough lead time. Especially since I have a new role as the president of the Republican Women of my county,which is part of the National Federation of Republican Women. So, I have much to learn, do, and share in my journey towards rebuilding the grand ole party and getting our government back up to good status, getting rid of the corruption and single-mindedness that just arrived on January 22, 2009. Possibly if I divide up my time between my political views, which are very much a part of my religious views, it would feel a little bit better.

This blog will be for my political watching and reviewing, and fighting, and the 'Pillars' as I fondly call it will be where I share what I learn, think, and know about our beautiful faith in the Catholic Church.

Well, let's get started........