Saturday, February 14, 2009

The US is the "House Divided"

Here we are, just as Christ teaches us in Mark 3:23-27
"If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand. And if
a house is divided against itself, that house will not be able to stand.
and if Satan has risen up against himself and is divided, he cannot stand; that
is the end of him. But no one can enter a strong man's house and plunder his
property unless he first ties up the strong man. Then he can plunder
his house."

Well, looking at what is going on in Washington, DC, what do we have here?

All the pride, gluttony, wasteful thinking, individual agendas, "we won" mentality, blame gaming, anti-partisanship activity taking place in our nation's government, we are truly a house divided and in these dangerous times, this is VERY irresponsible. The United States is a fishbowl, with the rest of the world watching us and all the folly going on here. What an extremely terrible example we are!

Who is leading this mess? It looks like the Democrats are a bunch of children, whose parents, the Republicans, have gone to sleep and the candy store's door was left unlocked.

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