Friday, February 13, 2009

Another great American, Tom DeLay

Former Congressman, Tom Delay, spoke at the North Carolina Federation of Republican Women's Winter meeting last weekend. I got to ride the elevator down to the first floor where we were meeting just before and he is such a nice guy. I married a Houstonian and lived in Fort Bend county where much of Mr. DeLay's talk was about. Boy, did I get homesick for my life Texas...oh gosh, did I forget about the horrid humidity? The pavement that could bake full-size layer cakes on em? Oh my gosh, the flatness of the place, where as you rise above the land on a beltway ramp, you can see several counties in the distance. But with those things that I didn't like about Houston, there were things that I did like about it, the food, opportunities, convenience of having most everything and anything within a 40 minute trip....through traffic.

Anyway, it was very nice to meet Mr. DeLay and today I received his book, "No Retreat, No Surrender" with it autographed. How great is that? I do hope to see him back in the saddle again in Washington, DC.

It was great meeting you, Mr. DeLay and THANK YOU for the book! I'm sure to devour it over the weekend. Possibly a book review will be in the making, I do them over at my other blog, so why not here as well.

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