Monday, February 16, 2009

The Democrat Reformation and conservative rebuild

There are so many grassroot efforts coming into being. In fact the very word, grassroots, has taken on a whole new level of urgency in my opinion. The Republican party is no different. The encouragement of forming grassroot clubs is taking root. We have been encouraged my our RNC chairman, Michael Steele, to get to work from the grassroots up.

As I just twittered to former House Speaker, Newt Gingrich, "Why does all this have to happen, why this stimulus package when cap gains seems to be the majority of the conservatives' opinion?

It seems like the Reformation all over again. Think about it, when Martin Luther had viable complaints, he was put out and the door slammed behind him. His followers clamered with him and through the years separated themselves further and further away from the Catholic Church...even to the degree that much of the truth of the faith has now been ignored and rendered base. The Democrats, in the political arena, have come in with their sleeves rolled up and have literally undone important strides for a better and sound nation. To top off the initial "hostile takeover" of this administration is this stimulus package that was the "test of the waters" to see just how gulible BO's followers are. It worked, he seems triumphant.

Can the grassroots handle the challenge, can we stop the Democrats' reformation before it goes too long? Causes too much damage?

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