Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What the HECK is going on in our country!??????

Here are some critical issues that seem to me to be no-brainers and should be corrected immediately:

1. The Homeland Security statement to the Law Enforcement agencies only. 
Fix:  Fire Napolitiano.  Issue a complete apology to the nation's citizens with a promise that all government officials will write their OWN documents, read them, and sign off on them only after a complete evaluation.  With one thing is mind.....the best for the country and it's people.

2. The Release of CIA documents under the Bush administration recently.
Fix:  Admit that this was damaging and release the documents that revealed the good results that came from these techniques, which would render the techniques valuable after all.

3. The Stimulus Package:
Fix:  Stop all actions until the document with 1400 pages is completely read, digested, and re-evaluated by all congress and the president.  THEN, brought to the nations top NONpartisan economy professionals and evaluated.  THEN, all the pork:  compaign promises, favors, etc removed.  Reducing the stimulus package to bare bones, check to see if there is any other way to help the economy improve, creating jobs, etc. and drop the stimulus package all to gether.

4. Odrama's foreign policy and apology tour:
Fix:  Never, no NEVER let him leave US soil, or make an overseas phone call without first asking permission by the Republicans, the CIA, and any other smarter person in foreign dealings.

5. The unfortunate invitation of Odrama to Notre Dame's commencement:
Fix:  Uninvite Odrama NOW, and again, Never, no NEVER to this again.  Possibly the pope needs to step in here and order Fr. Jenkins to uninvite Odrama....and possibly replace Jenkins while he is at it.

6. What else?  I know there is more......I'll get to it later.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Homeschool moment at our house

"Mom, is billion bigger than trillion?"

Me: "No, Trillion is bigger than billion, why?"

"Well, I have a question that talks about the billions of stars in universe."

Me: "Yeah, and the government wants to spend more dollars than there are stars in the sky."

"Wow, hmm, wow."

Me: "Yep, more than there are stars in the sky.  Sheesh!! What are they thinking!!!

It's Convention season!

My knight and I attended our 3rd Congressional District's yearly convention.  What a blast.  It is so fun to meet and hang with over 130 other like-minded Republicans.   I am happy that we get to keep our chairman, he's great, funny, and very thorough.  

There is something that I am most proud of and that is some of the amendments that we passed to day to go to the state convention.  On was the fair voting amendment that requires a photo id for each person who wishes to vote.  As a poll worker this past election, I learned quickly that anyone, from anywhere could and did walk up to me, tell me a name and if I found it and the address was the same, they got to vote.  WHO knows who they really were!

Another amendment is that Republican candidates need to uphold and share the beliefs of Pro-life values.  That was pretty much passed unanimously.  I was truly pleased and proud.

Next stop is the state convention in June.  We are delegates.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Tea Party Movement and the media

Yesterday something huge happened in our country. A movement that tens of thousands of Americans gathered together in a nonpartisan voice. Thousands and thousands of people in America are angry about what is happening in their country and planned a peaceful, adamant, creative, collective event that told the story of what American is really all about. We took history, made it modern, and delivered it in the most amazing way. We spoke to Washington, DC and the elected officials, to Obama and his cohorts. This morning, we were ignored and I am outraged.

Attending a Tea Party yesterday in my small city, I felt something true, real, and totally ignored by the mainstream media. We have 3 media sources here in Greenville, NC a university town with student channel along with channel 9, 7, and 12. Channel 7 came out to cover the story. This morning, my husband, up before me, scanned the television for all the major medias and found not a word about these tea parties and the message from the people of our country.


People kept coming up to me and each other yesterday asking, "What's next?" I looked around and asked myself that question...yesterday. Today, I have the answer. We need to change the media, they need to be changed. They are not for the truth and this is a travesty!

Media, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC? You are going to be changed, we have had enough of your control of what is covered and what is not. We have had enough of your choosing what we know and what isn't important enough to cover. We have had enough of your liberal, elitist attitude toward us, we are going to rise up against you and demand that you do your job....tell the truth and reveal what is right and what is really wrong in our country and the world.

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Gays finally "silent" but only for one day.

My husband received am email from the Office of Diversity at his university explaining and demanding that all instructors, teachers, managers, etc respect those that chose to participate in this day of silence. ..and that this is being conducted in high schools and middle schools around the country. This is an abomination! The gay community is continuing to filter into our society with our children as their prize. Don't get me wrong, I am not against by brothers and sisters, but I am against the homosexual movement bullying themselves into our lives, trying to get same-sex marriage accepted by all and redefining marriage and the family unit to include the non-fruitful, concern of flesh only union of same sex partners.
I wrote this the other day:
I see the societal disease being approved, nurtured, and fed.

I see certain groups have convinced the public and its universities to ordain this disease.

our children are next to be indoctrinated to this dangerous notion that these groups as viable.

co-habitation, abortion, homosexuality, promiscuity, adultry, corruption, distrust rule the day.

AIDS, divorce, violence, over-crowded prisons, broken families, are common not the exception.

no one sees that these are the answers to the disease of our society, no one seems to mind.

movies, television, plays, music, schools, universities, have become its puppets of cooperation.

disrespect, ignorance, complacency, selfishness, self-centeredness, and tunnel-vision is mod.

there is no right and wrong, just right and left, no core of values, just rights and self-freedoms.

as a mother wakes her children to greet a new day, she knows the dangers they face.

the victims are not the gays/lesbians, blacks, Indian, Hispanics, transgenders, blind, deaf, etc.

the real victim is the family unit and the children forth coming into a world that doesn’t care.

So, yes! Today,
let’s all play a silent game, please respect this disease and its aim,
Is only the beginning of what will be the end of a society that was strong, moral, and secure.

there is no security, no trust, values, morality, no virtues, goodness, and no God to watch over.

there are only fights, freedoms, independence, shock and sensation
Those that do believe in God are told we are weak, gullible, and nieve
Even the president of this country represents most of what is mentioned here

Monday, April 6, 2009

Democrats are not listening - they don't frankly care

They don't have to, they have control of the government and for once in our country's history, they do not listen to the people voluntarily. Pelosi, Frank, Dodd, Geigner, none of them care about the people down below.

So many people call into the Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Neil Bortz and Rush even talks about people feel like they are given the "talk to the hand" treatment in DC.

AND!! to add insult to injury, the country's very own leader touring Europe, makes a speak about how his country, Americans are arrogant and that he'd rather talk to Europeans!

Americans have had a very short-term memory as of recent decades, but I wonder how many of us will remember the POTUS bad mouthing us in foreign lands, and kissing up to them. I know I will.

Reaction to Obama's kissing up to Europe by INSULTING his own Country!!