Sunday, May 7, 2017

The Hat

There has been so much anger displayed in the streets of our country for so long now, and especially  since our new president, Donald Trump, came into office.  I have read and heard all the sides of the issues.  It broke my heart to see, on January 21st, the thousands of women (and men) who are basically misguided and enraged beyond sanity making such a disgusting display as the world watched.  There was huge disconnects in the marchers as evident by all the many many different signs with so many different messages that I found it difficult as to what the march was about.  Was it an anti-Trump march?  Was it an anti-life march, an anti-man march, anti-God march?....any thing in between?   I frankly couldn't tell and it was confusing on Facebook, a cousin of my husband ( of whom I claim as my cousin as well) asked the question, what and why are you marching?  It was a peaceful march for equality and women's rights, one said.  It was all about hate, another said....very opposing views indeed!

The most scary thing about this march on January 21 was that it was composed of hundreds and thousands of people who were outrageously angry and filled with hate toward anyone who opposed their views, especially about the unborn babies and the right to believe that abortion is murder hands discussion, and that the new administration in Washington, DC needs a chance to work before judgement cast.

More importantly to note, however, is that this January 21, 2017 "women's" march was contrived by the psychological concept of Group Think.  It was cunningly sold to these women with a hat.  A hat that was going to brand this march together with a strong message of unity and power.  At one site, there were women clamoring for the pattern to crochet, knit, or sew...for themselves or others.  The pattern was posted on ravelry, craftsy, and others.  It was the hat...the branding, that made this group of people grow into such a force that it wasn't going to be stopped.   Good or bad, this group of people were like syrup on hot pancakes...soaking it all up and seeping into their veins a cause that they themselves could not see past.  With their pink hats, they found power and a voice.  As I watched the speakers with their hateful and angry voices, none of them, I noticed wore one of these hats!  The organizer was wearing her hijab, her religious head and neck covering, and it was not even pink, Madonna wore a hat, but it was black, Cher didn't wear a hat, neither did the Planned Parenthood chairwoman, but all the cattle call did.....happily.

Did they not see this?

Looking up the term group-think, I found several definitions, but all consist of several very disturbing symptoms: Psychology Today defines it this way:

Groupthink occurs when a group values harmony and coherence over accurate analysis and critical evaluation. It causes individual members of the group to unquestioningly follow the word of the leader and it strongly discourages any disagreement with the consensus.

Symptoms of Groupthink

  1. Illusion of invulnerability –Creates excessive optimism that encourages taking extreme risks.
  2. Collective rationalization – Members discount warnings and do not reconsider their assumptions.
  3. Belief in inherent morality – Members believe in the rightness of their cause and therefore ignore the ethical or moral consequences of their decisions.
  4. Stereotyped views of out-groups – Negative views of “enemy” make effective responses to conflict seem unnecessary.
  5. Direct pressure on dissenters – Members are under pressure not to express arguments against any of the group’s views.
  6. Self-censorship – Doubts and deviations from the perceived group consensus are not expressed.
  7. Illusion of unanimity – The majority view and judgments are assumed to be unanimous.
  8. Self-appointed ‘mindguards’ – Members protect the group and the leader from information that is problematic or contradictory to the group’s cohesiveness, view, and/or decisions.

When the above symptoms exist in a group that is trying to make a decision, there is a reasonable chance that groupthink will happen, although it is not necessarily so.  Groupthink occurs when groups are highly cohesive and when they are under considerable pressure to make a quality decision.  When pressures for unanimity seem overwhelming, members are less motivated to realistically appraise the alternative courses of action available to them.  These group pressures lead to carelessness and irrational thinking since groups experiencing groupthink fail to consider all alternatives and seek to maintain unanimity.  Decisions shaped by groupthink have low probability of achieving successful outcomes.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Enough is Enough!! I'm DONE with the media and you should be too!

I'm going to stop watching the poison that is the news We know who the "players" are in this election, there is no more information that could be any more damaging to either candidate. The media bias is nauseating and childish and boring at the same time. I am mostly tired of the drama and sway the media and political camps are imposing to the citizens, playing on their gullibility and lazy ignorance
I'm sick and tired of being "played" and watching the nation dividing at such nonsense with little care at what our children and the rest of the world are witnessing. It's garbage, disrespect, a crime, irresponsible, immature, manipulating, deceitful, evil, destructive, debilitating, sinful, unrelenting, spoiled, and incomprehensible what we the people have allowed our country to sink into and I am not going to watch this media poison any longer 

Enough is enough.
Corruption IS the norm now.....lying, cheating the public, telling half-truths, not being completely open and upfront, the little white lie.......however you describe it, it is not the truth.

Frankly, I'm frightened, frightened that I can't count on the President, and those working with and for him to tell the truth.  There is an agenda in play that has literally nothing to do with the constitution, which our country was founded on. Literally nothing to do with keeping our country safe and free
for all it citizens, literally nothing to do with the freedoms of worship, speech, and the pursuit of happiness, literally nothing at all to do with common sense basically.

 Oh, and if you didn't think our racial relations were worsened since the past 8 years of a president and first lady that claim and proclaim that they are embarrassed and ashamed of being Americans you have been living in an ever loving cave!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Police Brutality 2015...Hello, White House??? Is anybody home???

Well, well, well a new kind of police brutality has come to America.  Random, unprovoked, target shooting of police officers in cold blood.  Eight police officers have been killed in the month of August alone and tonight yet another officer was shot and killed for no reason other than his uniform.

Here's my question:


Where is his outrage?  
His anger and disgust for such crimes?  
Where are the phone calls to the new widows, parents, and children? 
  Where is the press conferences where he talks about the actions he is having implemented to catch these cowards and prevent future murders?



Friday, July 3, 2015

Twenty questions for all those flying the rainbow profile/flag

Questions for all those who are flying the rainbow profile:
1. How long have you believed that gay marriage is something to be celebrated?

2. If “love wins,” how would you define love?

3. How would you define marriage?

4. Does the end and purpose of marriage point to something more than an adult’s emotional and sexual fulfillment?

5. Should marriage be limited to only two people?

6. Is it bad for LGBT persons to engage in sexual activity outside of marriage?

7. Should gay couples in open relationships, wanting the "equality of being married, be subject to marriage laws? "....til death do us part...let no man put asunder"

8. On what basis, if any, would you prevent consenting adults of any relation and of any number from getting married?

9. Should there be an age requirement in this country for obtaining a marriage license?

10. Does equality entail that anyone wanting to be married should be able to have any meaningful relationship defined as marriage?

11. If not, why not?

12. What sexual acts are unacceptable, dangerous, horrendous?

13. Do you think children do best with a mother and a father?

14. If not, what research would you point to in support of that conclusion?

15. If yes, does the state have any role to play in promoting or privileging the arrangement that puts children with a mom and a dad?

16. Do you believe it is possible to love someone and disagree with important decisions they make?

17. Should your fellow citizens who disagree with homosexual practice be allowed to exercise their religious beliefs without fear of punishment, retribution, or coercion?

18. Will you speak up for your fellow Christians when their jobs, their accreditation, their reputation, and their freedoms are threatened because of this issue?

19. Will you speak out against shaming and bullying of all kinds, whether against gays and lesbians or against Christians?

20. Do you think Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were motivated by personal animus and bigotry when they, for almost all of their lives, defined marriage as a covenant relationship between one man and one woman?

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Should we get ready? Should we get READY?

Been listening lately about getting ready for an attack or some major altercation from terrorists. Hiding in our neighborhoods, airports, big and small cities, coasts, and outside our borders.

There are kits to purchase, goods to store up, equipment to be trained to use, Ham radios, flares, bottled water here on the ground as citizens of this once great nation.  Is she still the great nation?  Her purpose originally was 2-fold, 1. Protect her citizens from foreign entities; and, 2 to establish a fair government to ensure that each citizen is enabled to enjoy the pursuit of happiness in a peaceful existence. Well, so much for that, huh?

Long before 9/11 things were churning in the middle east against the US, long before the so-called journalism of the media brought any of this to our attention things were in the works to destroy our good country.  But to our detriment, we were left vulnerable.

But think of this:
  1. The Oil Industry has been allowed to destroy good and clean modes of transportation by eradicating the electric car and since 2008 the price of gas has basically climbed with little relief in sight.
  2. The media has been controlled by somebody or something editing what is written and exposed to her citizens for years.
  3. The poor seems to be getting poorer, the rich, seem to be getting richer and the middle-class seems to be unchanged...if not struggling a bit more.
  4. Over the past 2 decades, the religious freedom of her citizens have been whittled away by certain groups that seem to have a hold on governmental decision makers.
  5. The public education of our children is more and more being dictated/manipulated by partisan values and opinions with the loss of vital subjects, ie, geography, higher maths..
  6. Our prisons are growing rapidly with more being built to house more and more convicts. No one seems to notice the dominance of the race that occupies these prisons, either.
  7. The definition of the family is being redrawn with traditional marriage basically thrown to the wall with same-sex "marriages" being brought to the forefront as winner.
  8. America's dictionary is being revised with words like: equality, tolerance, safe-zones, gender-equality, coexist, marriage, etc. having new definitions.
  9. Lies and governmental cover-up continue to be the order of the day instead of conducting business righteously and/or coming clean with mistakes or misjudgements and setting things right.
  10. Our veterans are being left off the priority list of care and benefits.  Our soldiers are under strict regulations before they can shoot a gun in defense.
Am I wrong in these assessments?  I need to counter this post with a positive one.   BUT in the meantime, when will American citizens stand up and say enough is enough and do something to change how things are going?  Isn't there something we can do to protect our families, our children's education, the prices of everyday commodities from skyrocketing?....or are we just sitting ducks?