Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Calm down Everybody!!

Now, now, everybody, please settle down. Everybody is getting excited about these states and their petitions to leave the United States, and now the other side wanting to petition to strip citizenship of these petition-signers. I have a better idea, let's all start strengthening our faith and seek peace within and without towards those around us.

We MUST calm down and just gird our loins of strength and faith......this has all happened for a reason. If we had won this election, we would have all settled back into our laurels and gone back to sleep......now we know that we can't go to sleep, we must buck ourselves up and be prepared to keep watch and know what is going on under our noses, like NEVER before!

Calm down and start listening and watching.....it's time to realize that we need to be aware, at all times to what those in the government...albeit state, local and federal are doing.

Pay attention to the Executive Orders that are written and mandated, get on the Roll Call for the Senate and House, Watch C-span, Fox, listen to both mainstream (ugh!) and conservative television and radio. Keep an eye on your government, both near and far.....keep asking questions and don't stop paying attention, from now on!!


Monday, November 5, 2012

Is nervous......praying for our country today and all day tomorrow!

Please vote for our country, for morals, peace.......please vote with your brain and vote Republican.

Thank you,