Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Being a bystander in the political world

As I sit and watch all the Hannity, O'Riley, Limbaugh, and Fox News takes on what's going on in American politics this past year, I have been brought me to my knees on several occasions. Recently, with this "pig" bill whizzing through Washington at light speed, I just want to run to the Capital and get up on a table and scream, "Wait!!!! WAIT JUST A COTTON PICKIN MINUTE!!!!!!!!!!

Greta Van Susteren had two opposing senators on last night asking them about the plan for this so-called stimulus package, saying to one, "We don't need to do anything right now, but maybe cut the Federal tax for a few months and that should take care of it, don't you think?" Senator DeMint basically agreed. The other senator who voted FOR the stimulus package couldn't tell her the timetable for seeing how this plan is working or not working, only that, "Yes, we will be watching it, monitoring it for a time to make sure that it's working. I don't know for how long, but we will definitely be monitoring the progress of this plan." Greta wasn't satisfied with his answer....and neither am I.

What is wrong with this leadership that we can't listen to common sense? Why can't the President and his advisors have a team of economic specialists put together a basic senario that would be unbiased, unmotivated by lobbyist pressures, and only motivated by their expertise and the welfare of our country that they would learn and govern with? Why is this such a mess? Why can't they be realistic?

Helpless, wronged, ignored, unregarded, not on the radar screen of concern, are the citizens of this once great nation......especially the children.

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