Monday, October 1, 2012

Why I can't and never will support Obama

Why I didn’t and never will support Obama
1.       His and his cronies wrote an 11,000-page healthcare bill that no one in Congress read fully, understood fully, and still fought for it and voted for it.  During this process, Obama, he put the choke-hold on several congresspersons that opposed it with pressure, payments, and trickery representing the corrupt politics that got him to the White House in the first place.

2.       He made unreasonable promises in his candidacy like closing Guantanamo and ending the war in Iraq by certain dates, revealing his ignorance in war strategy and foreign relations.  As we speak, we are heading to a yet another country Syria and Guantanamo is still open. Nuff said.

3.       He has brought our dear country to an all-time moral low at a frightening pace giving way to alternative lifestyles, same-sex marriage, raising the acceptance to the deconstruction of the traditional family that is the life-blood of our world!

4.       He has given himself more power, asked for more money, contributed to more division in this country between political, racial, and economical lines than any other president.

5.       His foreign affairs policies started off on a horrendous note with the return to Great Britain the bust of Winston Churchill of which Great Britain presented to the US as a token of their appreciation for all Mr. Churchill did for them during the war.  A fine slap in the face from the US to one of our biggest allies who has been our partner in the war on terror since the beginning in 9/11/01.
6.       When he turned his focus on a local issue in Cambridge, MA concerning a black professor and a police officer and he took the side of the professor in accusing the police office of “acting stupidly” and then having to apologize with a “beer party” made me convinced that this man is all about racial issues and permeating them instead of rising above them and staying out of local issues and simply dealing with national security and financial matters.

7.       Prior to his speaking engagement at Notre Dame University and Columbia University, he had these Catholic institutions cover their statues and crucifixes for his presence, speaks volumes about his regard to religious freedom and respect for these rights as American citizens.

8.       The cover-up that is currently going on in the face of the entire world about his knowledge of the recent 9/11 terrorist attacks on the Libyan embassy resulting in the murders of 4 US citizens and up rises across the middle East as a result of a bogus movie trailer is enough to have this POTUS thrown out without the need of an election.  He is not fit to be the leader of a Girl Scout troop.

This has NOTHING to do with his being a person of color, it has everything to do with his agenda and leadership or lack there of.  I would welcome a black president and would have voted for Herman Cain if the Obama compaign group didn't conjure up a bogus affair to scare him away from continuing his campaign.