Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What the HECK is going on in our country!??????

Here are some critical issues that seem to me to be no-brainers and should be corrected immediately:

1. The Homeland Security statement to the Law Enforcement agencies only. 
Fix:  Fire Napolitiano.  Issue a complete apology to the nation's citizens with a promise that all government officials will write their OWN documents, read them, and sign off on them only after a complete evaluation.  With one thing is mind.....the best for the country and it's people.

2. The Release of CIA documents under the Bush administration recently.
Fix:  Admit that this was damaging and release the documents that revealed the good results that came from these techniques, which would render the techniques valuable after all.

3. The Stimulus Package:
Fix:  Stop all actions until the document with 1400 pages is completely read, digested, and re-evaluated by all congress and the president.  THEN, brought to the nations top NONpartisan economy professionals and evaluated.  THEN, all the pork:  compaign promises, favors, etc removed.  Reducing the stimulus package to bare bones, check to see if there is any other way to help the economy improve, creating jobs, etc. and drop the stimulus package all to gether.

4. Odrama's foreign policy and apology tour:
Fix:  Never, no NEVER let him leave US soil, or make an overseas phone call without first asking permission by the Republicans, the CIA, and any other smarter person in foreign dealings.

5. The unfortunate invitation of Odrama to Notre Dame's commencement:
Fix:  Uninvite Odrama NOW, and again, Never, no NEVER to this again.  Possibly the pope needs to step in here and order Fr. Jenkins to uninvite Odrama....and possibly replace Jenkins while he is at it.

6. What else?  I know there is more......I'll get to it later.

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