Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Tea Party Movement and the media

Yesterday something huge happened in our country. A movement that tens of thousands of Americans gathered together in a nonpartisan voice. Thousands and thousands of people in America are angry about what is happening in their country and planned a peaceful, adamant, creative, collective event that told the story of what American is really all about. We took history, made it modern, and delivered it in the most amazing way. We spoke to Washington, DC and the elected officials, to Obama and his cohorts. This morning, we were ignored and I am outraged.

Attending a Tea Party yesterday in my small city, I felt something true, real, and totally ignored by the mainstream media. We have 3 media sources here in Greenville, NC a university town with student channel along with channel 9, 7, and 12. Channel 7 came out to cover the story. This morning, my husband, up before me, scanned the television for all the major medias and found not a word about these tea parties and the message from the people of our country.


People kept coming up to me and each other yesterday asking, "What's next?" I looked around and asked myself that question...yesterday. Today, I have the answer. We need to change the media, they need to be changed. They are not for the truth and this is a travesty!

Media, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC? You are going to be changed, we have had enough of your control of what is covered and what is not. We have had enough of your choosing what we know and what isn't important enough to cover. We have had enough of your liberal, elitist attitude toward us, we are going to rise up against you and demand that you do your job....tell the truth and reveal what is right and what is really wrong in our country and the world.

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Adrienne said...

We actually got pretty good local coverage - but than we are just about the reddest red state.

I mean - come on - this is North Idaho, for heavens sake!