Saturday, April 18, 2009

It's Convention season!

My knight and I attended our 3rd Congressional District's yearly convention.  What a blast.  It is so fun to meet and hang with over 130 other like-minded Republicans.   I am happy that we get to keep our chairman, he's great, funny, and very thorough.  

There is something that I am most proud of and that is some of the amendments that we passed to day to go to the state convention.  On was the fair voting amendment that requires a photo id for each person who wishes to vote.  As a poll worker this past election, I learned quickly that anyone, from anywhere could and did walk up to me, tell me a name and if I found it and the address was the same, they got to vote.  WHO knows who they really were!

Another amendment is that Republican candidates need to uphold and share the beliefs of Pro-life values.  That was pretty much passed unanimously.  I was truly pleased and proud.

Next stop is the state convention in June.  We are delegates.

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