Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dirty Dealings and Politics

Two years ago, you'd have thought I couldn't shut up about politics and the mess we are in as a country, better yet, as a world.  Looking everywhere and under every rock there is politics with the black-eye of dirty dealings.  I wanted to help change that and was outspoken about my convictions.

While in this mode, I was dealing with some pretty strong narcissistic personalities here in the local level of the Republican party.  Women, for the most part, are hard workers, full of vigilance and staying power to get the job done the right way.  But put a women who is not a good team player at the helm and you get a narcissistic, self-centered, and at the same time inferior-complexed human being that will take over, bring in her personal posse, make enemies, and control the entire county with her short-sighted mania.

Fast film forward to the present and I haven't set foot in a political meeting of any remote sort since finishing up my presidency as the Republican Women of Pitt County in December, 2010.  Even my very best friend severely turned on me at the end when she found out that I was 'heels and elbows' after my term was up.

It's been refreshing not being involved, yes I have heard that the maniac county chair has convinced her little gang of cronies to vote to change the county bylaws to exclude  Republican clubs from having seats on the county Republican organization just to make sure her little evil ways do not get overturned by common sense voices.  Sad really, but I am outta here!!

However, on the national side, isn't it really sad that the big boys can't keep it clean?  Edwards and Schwarzenegger, those filthy letches and now Weiner.....OMGosh!!  His name should have made a few people wonder!  OK, that wasn't fair, but really with a name like that one would THINK you'd keep it on the clean side.....sheesh!!

Politics are a curse and George Washington said it when he talked about party affiliations and the strife they will cause.  Politicians have been given a black eye for years now and I am hoping that it is coming to a head, so that we can start cleaning up the trash and streamline these terms to short sporadic ones so no one gets too comfy in their government-owned chairs.  Maybe some of this will sober up the mischievious wannabes and keep them on the straight and narrow path.  Close to their families, roots, and those that voted them in!!

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