Sunday, October 11, 2009

Obama's Gay Rights for Equal Employment Opp

You only THINK you've seen it all. In this video, you will see that Obama's nominee for the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission, Chai Feldblum, has been hard at work on this angle for the homosexual movement. With Obama appearing at a homosexual convention the other day stating that He will be signing legislation for them, then assigning this Chai Feldbaun to the task of attacking employers and businesses to accept (damn it!) gays or else! It's getting his foothold on the neck of the traditional family's last glimmer of hope to stay alive.

They speak of equality, they talk about morality, they are pushing their agendas with words like responsibility, equality, fairness, and acceptance. Feldbaum speaks of a "war that needs to be fought, not in Iraq or the middle East, but right here, to convince people that morality demands homosexuals be accepted!"

This POTUS, has no faith, no church, no close walk with Christ for guidance, just lobbyists, corporations, and sponsors continually whispering in his ears, "We will make you big and strong, we will make you the hero of all, everyone will love you and honor you as the savior of our country and the WORLD!! You, our dear Obama, will be bigger than MLK, bigger than Elvis, bigger than Jesus Christ Himself! You will be written in the books of history as the Change the world could and DID believe in! Keep walking our walk, keep talking our talk because you don't have your own design, just ours. You are our puppet, just like all the other gays in the limelight right now, we will use you to our convenience. We use people who will stand up for anything that will get them fame and money and power. So, that's is, keep on talking our talk, you are doing our mission much good."

So, what can we do? Organizations like NC Family Policy Council, Christian Action League are places to start learning how this government is trying to both approve of and implement this thinking into our schools, churches, medical centers, as well as media. Also, we should not just sit back and accept these alternative ways of thinking. We are NOT powerless, we do have a voice, and possibly, just possibly it is our job in society to speak up for the return to good moral living, thinking, and parameters for if we don't there will not be a black and white, right or wrong, up or down, just lots of gray, no direction, and no parameters to keep. Chaos, only chaos without the security of knowing where one stands.

The bottom line here is this: Children, raised in a responsible home, have parameters to which their conduct is taught, staying in and knowing where they are gives them security and confidence. We are no different, only older. If one doesn't stand for something, one falls for anything. Fight for what is right and be persecuted for it, be not afraid, our society is worth fighting for, our children are worth fighting for, our country is worth fighting for.

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