Sunday, October 25, 2009

Maria Shriver: Pulling Illegal activities without recourse

Texting with her cellphone while driving, Maria Shriver, married to the governor of California, was caught on camera performing an illegal act in public. She should know better, but no ticket. Now this afternoon, she is at it again, parking in a 'red' zone while keeping a doctor's appointment. Was this an emergency doctor's visit or just a routine checkup? Would that really matter? But here she is parked for about an hour in the "No Parking" which is a Fire Zone designation. Did she get a ticket this time? Why no. Nope, no ticket this time either. Seems like California's First lady has the run of the place, doing whatever she pleases without any need for feeling responsible.

Earlier this past summer, I reported on an interview that Ms. Shriver gave a Catholic News agency about how she deems herself a devout, even a GOOD Catholic even though she doesn't adhere on all the basic Church teachings, including pro-life issues. She even when as far as to say that she and the pastor of her parish are great friends. She receives communion, probably doesn't attend penance services, but again, she has no reason to feel responsible for her actions.

Does this give you the creeps? Or at least anger you that the average Citizen can't get this same treatment? We would be paying fines, given tickets, etc.


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