Thursday, May 21, 2009

Letter to North Carolina Gov. Bev. Perdue

Dear Gov. Perdue,

This past April, you passed legislation that takes .5% of the total annual income over a 4 pay period cycle during May and June, 2009 from all state employees and teachers to help with state's financially broken situation.  Once again, the good citizens are being punished to pay for the bad practices of the corrupt state leadership under the umbrella of a power-grab.  Taking from scientists, doctors, nurses, professors, teachers, and all those that take care of the facilities housing these listed professions.  

Let me tell you a bit about these life-blood of society professions.  What would our world be like without scientists devoting their lives studying, researching, answering the questions of how disease happens, finding cures for, and vaccines to prevent, diseases and preventable deaths.  Professors, teachers passing on the experiences and knowledge to our next generation to prosper and grow ever smarter into the future.  The doctors and nurses who see to it that all that can be done to help society's healthcare be what it needs to be for the good of its people.  Nurturing the sick, restoring health and livelihoods, being lifesaving and caretakers for those who find themselves stricken.  Are these the people you really want to take pay from?  Do you really want them to feel that they are sitting ducks for your every whim?  Really?

America was built on something far more mightier than these so-called mandatory power-grabs.  America has a reputation of giving at times of need.  Americans will, when ASKED, give and give when they are given a CHOICE.  When trouble comes, Americans have stepped up to the plate opening their wallets, piggybanks, and spare change.  If you had put out a call for help with the state tax refunds and healthcare benefits due to the financial situation, you  would have seen many comply gladly.  You would have covered more ground in the process and not just picked on one group that you can control easily.  You don't know your state citizens very well.

As the saying goes, "Ask and you shall receive." You are punishing the wrong group, beside the fact that you have gone about this ALL wrong in the first place.  Respect given is respect received, you do not show any respect for these very important professions in our state, hence you won't receive much respect from them in the future.  Next time, ask for donations, just a dollar per household would have given you much of what you needed to raise.

Totally disgusted,


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