Tuesday, May 5, 2009

NOW.org: Throwing the baby out with the bath water

Once upon a time, women needed a strong force to help them get the vote, equal pay, and the ability to smoke and drink like the fellas.  Ok, we have that now and if we don't, there's laws on the books that help us in a dispute.

However, this organization called NOW (National Organization for Women) is a self-professed strong-hold for all of women's rights. Women, thanks to NOW can have abortions, be lesbians, love their bodies, and leave the house to a career fit for a man!  Should I be singing Hooray?  NO!

This is an organization run by a bunch of women who pride themselves from the 60's era of being more powerful than men.  Fiesty and righteous because they know that they have what men want and they are in control of this highly sought after commodity.  The vagina.  This sounds really bad right about now, and truly not my style of writing, but I am completely right on this, this is exactly what brought about an organization like NOW.

In 2005, this organization entered the homosexual arena making all kinds of noises for the lesbian, bi, and transgender woman, why?  Because they felt that they needed to get some attention to get revived.  Thank goodness for the abortion issue.  They have at least had that to thrash about with since the 60's.  These women want to control men, call the shots, and rise above them.  Oh and babies, children, and the future generation, ump they say, on MY terms only!  To Hell with giving them what THEY need, it's me first, my needs are priority #1 say these NOW women.

This organization is NOT for the traditional family, the homemaker, the homeschooling mom, the heterosexual woman that just wants to have a home, children, and a happy husband.  This organization disses this type of woman.  They don't support having children willingly, they call that a right and a choice, not a responsibility and a joy.

Where was this "great protector of all women throughout the nation" when Sarah Palin was persecuted during her run for Vice President?  Where was this organization when Carrie Prejean, Miss California, was brutally scorned for having the guts to be true to herself?  Just what does this organization really stand for?

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Absolutely! Spot on!
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