Thursday, May 31, 2012

Recently, the White House press secretary was asked about Obama's position on the ban of sex=selection abortions.  He said, "I'll get back to you"   Well he did and this is the response:

The Administration opposes gender discrimination in all forms, but the end result of this legislation would be to subject doctors to criminal prosecution if they fail to determine the motivations behind a very personal and private decision.   The government should not intrude in medical decisions or private family matters in this way.”

Interesting how they refer to this as a "very personal and private decision".  During this president's 'reign" he has put restraints on our food consumption, the morals we teach our students and children, what we should pay for and how, and what is acceptable politically.  He has told us that our religious freedoms are up for debate, that life in any form is not to be protected and has described it as a punishment in reference of his 2 daughters making a "mistake".  His wife has told us what to pack our children off to school with for lunch, that we can't have salt on our food in restaurants and that pretty soon if we weigh a certain number we will not have healthcare.

These sound like pretty personal and private decisions to me.

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