Thursday, February 2, 2012

Democrats love CRAP and passing around CRAP showing their ignorance!!

Saw this picture (on top)  posted on Facebook and just had to do my own research.  Knowing what I know about the current POTUS's continuous debt ceiling extensions, I knew this was a one-sided, unresearched, blind, koolaide-drinking share.  I was right.  The next chart underneath is from the Congressional Budget Office's website.  I also checked the "Truth-o-meter" for this picture's source. 
Again, busted!!  This left picture is rated "Pants on Fire"!!

Just ONCE, I'd like to see an election season let the REAL facts be shown and not all this ONE-SIDED, KOOLAIDE DRINKING, COMPLETE CRAP fly!!!

I'll be checking other places and other resources and I vow that no CRAP will be left blindly accepted as truth without some research!!!

God bless our COUNTRY!!

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