Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Just some rare political thoughts:

Lately, I have become rather turned off.....COMPLETELY with all the political crap that is surrounding our world.  But, after listening to the jerk president yesterday, I just have to say something!!!

First and foremost, doesn't everybody get this guy by now???  

1.   He is only the president of those who SUPPORT him and his twisted agenda

2.  He is an idealist with very TWISTED ideals that are short-sighted, unless he has others calculatedly positioned to come up behind him, ie. the health care, taxes, homosexual agenda, etc.

3.  Why he continues to campaign is anyone's guess.   This guy just doesn't know how to lead, much less count!!

4.  Dissing the opposition instead of working with them is his mantra.  This is way too bad, since he could be doing so much more positive things if he would work WITH people instead of against them.

5.  Asking now for $5 billion MORE to fix jobs and infrastructure??  So where is THIS money coming from????

6.  Campaigning for the above mentioned at a rally filled with UNION members???  Oh gosh, of course they are applauding, they are of the "gimme" side of our country.

7.  All these liberal appointees and "czars"....this is another completely obvious move on his twisted part to 'change' our thinking.....

How much more of this guy is this country going to take??  The media is even waking up.

Get this man out of office quickly, unarm him in November, and impeach him in December.

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