Saturday, April 10, 2010

Washington vs Odrama

Studying the Constitution this year, we have been learning so much about our founding fathers and their original intent for our country. For one thing, President Washington was not a power-thirsty individual with a narcistic attitude as the present POTUS is.

What I have been learning about Washington:

Washington was a humble man who CARED about the soldiers, slaves, and his family. He was concerned about the soldiers, but knew that fighting for our freedom with all we had was the most important thing any soldier, himself included, could do for future generations of independence.

Odrama is far from humble, there isn't a humble bone in his body. He is a pompous ass who revels in attention, popularity, and power. His narcissitic behavior is distracting and alarming at the same time. He cares for no one, only what he can get and from whom. He is threatened and immature about those who disagree with and acts like a spoiled brat with banter that is childlike.

Washington was wise about many things. His mere presence at the discussions and signing of the Declaration of Independence with little input in the discussions was enough. Others mentioned that he had very little to say in these deliberations, but his mere being there brought order and determination to the process.

Odrama is a very unwise character with no interest in gaining wisdom. At the healthcare discussions he held recently, his mouth ran for more time than either side and when it was brought up, he simply said, "I talked long because, well, I'm the president." This is case in point for my previous statement about his being a pompus ass with narcissitic tendencies.

Washington knew when to stop. At his home at Mt. Vernon, the guide at the end of the house tour pointed to a chair in his study and told us about the decisions that were made by Washington as he sat in this chair. One decision that will be Washington's legacy was to relinquishing his command as a general in the militia. It was time for others to take the helm, he wanted to go back to Mt. Vernon and take care of this family and his farm.

Odrama's decisions have been made in haste, waste, and disgrace. He knows very little about what he is doing and talks incessantly about anything and everything. He has no interest in letting go of the reigns much less listen to the citizens of this good country and follow their wishes. He has no people skills, just knows how to corral them into where he wants them. He manipulates and indocdrinates without a concern for the welfare of the country.

Washington did not strive to make great changes in the country, he strived to see it's progress in leading others as they grew and thrived as a new nation. He never received a penny for his services as president of the United States, he didn't believe that one should be paid for serving their country.

Odrama and his posse have only one plan, completely overhaul the country and control it to that he can get whatever he wants from it. He wants to completely change our country's structure in every way possible without regard to it's origins and intend. Everything is about money and control, so obviously, this president is getting as much money out of this deal as he can...along with his administration. They are tax evaders, cheaters, lobbyists, and corrupt politicians without exception. He meant this to be so, too.

In his speech as he left the presidency, Washington, warned of dangers of partisan struggles, even then it was apparent that political parties can be divisive and destructive to the democracy of our country. He warned us of what is happening now, to deaf ears, I am afraid.

Odrama is only president to the democrat party....period. He has no concern for what we ALL want, he is not listening. He doesn't care.

Washington believed in a divine entity that was present in the forming of this government.

Odrama does not, at all.

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