Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Situation

Our nation is standing at the face of true division and change. Not totally understanding all that is happening, I have a sneaking suspicion that it will all happen without the people's vote, knowledge, and control and it will come to fruition and ruin after the smoke clears and the damage done.

Do you know what it happening? Here in North Carolina, we have an "Education" lottery that is no longer going to schools, our students, and teachers. We have state employees and teachers getting .5% of their total annual income taken out by the state during a 2-month period May and June (right before vacation season no less!) on an involuntarily basis with a .3% robbery planned for next year.

Shouldn't a person's paycheck be sacred? Shouldn't they be able to have a say? Shouldn't there be some kind of waiver for the more needy state employees needing every penny of their income to support their families? Shouldn't there be some time involved for these unfortunate (my husband included!!!) sitting ducks to prepare for it? They had less than one month, just one month to brace for the state government's onslaught.

This Governor made this decision and had it passed very late at night while we were sleeping. Like a thief in the night. This seems to be notorious for the Democrat administration. While we were sleeping they passed stimulus bills, budgets, and special education benefits cuts. These officials will not always be in office, I wonder how this will effect them then? We know that the governor of our state didn't have a salary cut, she didn't take money out of her pocket. She isn't hurting financially, struggling with kids to feed and mortgages to pay.

Another rant indeed! This should be illegal!


SAHMinIL said...

It is scary what things are being done while we are sleeping.....

I don't understand how they can take money out of someones pay like that!

What is the money they are taking being used for?

EbethW said...

Who knows!! The Governor flew via private jet all across the state asking for us to stand by her as she seeks good teachers for our children, balance the budget (with our paychecks) and make our state the great state it once was!

Sheesh! Obama, Odrama!

Suzanne said...

Shakin my head. Prayers...efforts...all over we have to do what we can..don't sleep too much.